Friday, February 10, 2017

A personal perception of massage

What is massage good for?  Well, since you asked me I'll give you my version.  People that get massage know a great way to relax and THAT is it's best purpose.  I'm not sure it gets rid of "knots"; I don't really know what a knot is and I'm not sure I've ever touched one in treating.  I think it makes people smarter in that they become aware of their physical selves.  They find places that are tight and painful during a treatment that are nowhere near their primary complaint for coming in.  I think people come a lot closer to connecting their mind, body, and spirit by getting treated somewhat regularly.  And I think that if they truly want to feel better more often they'll learn to move properly, often and with more skill.  I think it makes one aware they don't have to accept the typical aches and pains of ageing and that they can continually improve in some way their entire lives.  If you're reading this all the way through I hope you're tracking with me in this.  Getter older, better is a great way to live:)

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